About SAS Anchorage

SAS Anchorage is a product sales division of SAS Rope & Rail Ltd, selling the products that our highly qualified Rope Access Technicians have been using for many years.  As we know first-hand how invaluable our A-Frame and Deadweight Trolley are when your work takes you to challenging environments, we decided to bring the products to the market so others could use and benefit from them.


Having worked for many years on all manner of structures and buildings and knowing how difficult it can be to find anchorage points, our in-house Rope Access technicians decided to find a solution.  From this, the A-Frame and Deadweight trolley was designed.

SAS Anchorage Systems were the first of their kind to be awarded full CE marking and will assist users to work in accordance with BS7985:2002. Our product range is designed & manufactured in UK accordance with BS7883:2005.

With years of experience working with a large number of branding and event companies, as well as gaining major commercial contracts, we know our product range is the best in its class for all temporary anchorage solutions.

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